The last time we put the spotlight on John Deere’s best-in-class cotton stripper, the world was in a far different place than it is now. And while John Deere is always on the front lines of an ag industry that’s always changing, their technology just simply wasn’t what it is today.

The last four years have seen trial, error, and technological improvement unrivaled by anyone else. What’s left with the combination of the three is our industry’s most ambitious product yet. One that is capable of far more than any that have come before, and one that is proof that John Deere is no stranger to outdoing themselves year after year, even when the bar is set so high.

Say hello to the new (and far more improved) version of the CS690, the John Deere CS770.

Here’s what makes the CS770 so different.

Module Building

Save 8-12% on wrapping and hauling with a totally redesigned module builder and wrapping/handling system. That means more consistent wrapping that packs more into each bale faster. About 33% faster, in fact. The John Deere CS770’s wrapping and hauling capabilities alone set the standard for efficiency on all fronts.

Engines and Hydraulic Power

Efficient, quiet, powerful. Your CS770 will use 20% less fuel than its predecessor, enabling you to harvest more with every gallon spent. Not only that, but you can also harvest faster! Top field-to-field speeds have been upped to 20mph from 17mph.

Surely an updated engine with these types of features would be more complex, right? Wrong! Maintenance and serviceability are top priorities for harvesters like yourself. John Deere took it upon themselves to redesign an engine and hydraulic power module that uses fewer unique parts, reducing the overall complexity involved with performing such tasks.

Picker Row Units

The longer that cotton waits for you in the field, the more chance it has to lessen in quality. And after all the work you’ve put in this year, that simply is not an option. That’s why John Deere has upped the picking ante with the CS770, giving you the power to harvest 4.4 more acres on a 10 hour workday with stalk lifters that are designed to reduce boll loss.

Stripper Headers

The John Deere CS770 is compatible with SH8R 8-row headers, SH12R 12-row headers, and the all-new SH12F 12-row Folding Stripper Header. The SH12F comes with 12 easily-foldable rows that cover 48% more acreage per hour. Just one more way that John Deere is making it possible to do more with less, and in a less complicated way.

Comfort and Convenience

If there’s an opportunity to make things easier on you while you work, then why not take advantage of it? After all, you are your harvest’s most valuable tool.

John Deere agrees, and that’s why they’ve put a 30% larger cab on their CS770. Inside the cab are a whole bunch of bells and whistles that are designed to make long days feel a lot less daunting. These include ActiveSeat suspension, high-definition touchscreens, footrests, and even a fridge!


Topping off the John Deere CS770’s long list of updates is the most complete tech package that any cotton stripper has ever seen. Packed inside the most dependable piece of hardware in your fleet is software that makes operating, working, and having a successful harvest season easier.

Accurate guidance, detailed mapping, tracing, machine-to-machine data-sharing, and remote diagnostics are all made possible thanks to the inclusion of JDLink and the John Deere Operations Center on your smartphone and in your CS770’s console.

Our main takeaway after getting our hands on the John Deere CS770? You can expect more, more, more, and more. That’s more under the hood. More in the cab. And more on the field. All while reducing the amount of time and energy it takes to outperform last year’s cotton harvest.

“More” is what South Plains Implement is all about, and it’s been that way since we got started back in ‘59. So, we’re extra excited to share the last four years of John Deere’s improvement with our farmer friends that make our work so worth it. West Texas cotton farmers like yourself lead our industry, so it’s only appropriate that you have access to the best of the best. And that’s exactly what you can count on us to provide.

It’s time to get behind the wheel of a John Deere CS770 to try all of this out for yourself. Learn more here!