John Deere’s Commitment to Sustainability 

John Deere has released its 2022 Sustainability Report, outlining its progress and commitment towards environmental, economic, and social sustainability. This report shows a consistent effort from Deere to deliver sustainable solutions that meet customer, employee, and dealer demands across the globe. From precision ag technology to battery-electric equipment, John Deere continues to promote sustainable farming practices that support farmers and ranchers to do more with less. 

While environmental sustainability is a large portion of their strategy, John Deere is equally as dedicated to the people behind these farming operations. Through sustainable technology and solutions, Deere continues to create value for their customers. They stand by farmers to be more efficient, profitable, and sustainable–for generations to come. 

Financial Growth

What is Sustainable Agriculture? 

Many traditional and industrial ag practices use large amounts of chemicals and pesticides that harm the soil, water, air, and climate. Sustainable agriculture aims to protect the resources our farms rely on while creating more efficient and profitable operations. 

Environmentally sustainable ag practices include: 

  • Crop diversity and rotation 
  • Planting cover crops to prevent erosion 
  • Reducing or eliminating tillage 
  • Integrating crop and animal production 
  • Water quality management 

Stewarding these resources teaches us to respect the land and ensures farmers can meet the demands our communities need to flourish. 

john deere tractor plowing field with text that says we're running for a wold where land and people prosper

A Legacy Worth Leaving 

Wherever you are in your sustainable ag journey, our knowledgeable team is here to help you run a more efficient, profitable, and sustainable operation. From precision ag technology to quality John Deere equipment, we have the technology and machinery you need to reduce input costs and lower harmful emissions. This kind of change takes time and effort, but together, we can create a better tomorrow for generations to come.

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