If we pulled up your garage door and found a John Deere mower behind it, we’d like to think that it’s safe to say that means three things:

  1. You take lawn work seriously.
  2. We can count on you for a job well done.
  3. You’re a part of an elite lineage of weekend warriors that don’t settle for anything less than the best of the best.

As an extension of your home itself, we prefer to think of your lawn as an equally important investment that can make it or break it when it comes to curb appeal. So, it goes without saying that you need equipment that can keep up if you want to stand out.

But, how do you go about taking care of the mower that takes care of you? Not totally sure about what all needs to get done before you lay those blades down this summer? These are four basic DIY mower maintenance tasks that will keep your John Deere mower mowing.

Change the Oil and Oil Filter

After you’ve let your engine run for a few moments to help warm the oil, switch it off, put your mower in park, and let’s get started.

  1. First, place your oil pan under the drain plug and remove the plug.
  2. When the draining is complete, remove the old oil filter and the gasket that comes with it.
  3. Lubricate the new filter gasket with oil and install it, adding an extra quarter or half turn once it’s hand tight.
  4. Place the drain plug back on.
  5. Add the new oil, and check the dipstick to ensure the proper level has been added. Don’t fill past the fill line!

Change the Fuel Filter

All this one requires is a new filter and a pair of pliers. Once you’ve located the fuel filter (usually on the side of the engine), remove the hose clamps and hoses (take note of the flow direction), put the new filter in place, reattach the hoses, and run the engine for a couple of minutes to check for leaks.

Now is also a good time to check the attached hoses for any wear.

Change the Spark Plugs

Next, it’s on to the spark plugs. These can be found toward the front of the engine for riding mowers and toward the back for zero-turn models.

  1. First, remove the wire.
  2. Next, using a wrench, remove the spark plug.
  3. Set the gap on the spark plug to the size that’s recommended in your owner’s manual.
  4. Attach the new spark plug, adding about a quarter turn once it is hand-tight.
  5. Re-install the wire.

Depending on your model of John Deere mower, you might have to replace more than one. These details can also be found in your owner’s manual.

Change the Air Filter

We’ve saved the easiest task for last!

  1. The air filter compartment is located on the top or the side of your mower’s engine.
  2. Once you’ve brushed away any debris that may be resting around the intake screen, remove the cover and take off the older filter. This may be held in place by some easy-to-remove clamps or nuts.
  3. Once it’s out, replace it with the new one and reattach any nuts or clamps holding it in place.

And there you have it! You have successfully performed four basic maintenance tasks that are crucial to your John Deere mower running like a dream. If, at any point, you’ve thought to yourself, “Man, this looks easy,” then we have some good news for you: it’s about to get even easier.

Introducing the John Deere Maintenance Kit. This DIY maintenance kit comes with every single thing you need to accomplish all of the tasks we just covered, including

  • Two quarts of oil
  • One new oil filter
  • One new air filter
  • One new fuel filter
  • Air precleaner
  • And a new spark plug(s)

As if owning your John Deere mower wasn’t already awesome enough, now you can feel confident in your ability to take care of it yourself, too. Click here to find the John Deere Home Maintenance Kit that’s designed for your model of mower and to check out a step-by-step walkthrough video of all of the tasks we just covered.

Will DIY just not do it for you? If you’ve uncovered an issue that you can’t get to the bottom of yourself or if you simply don’t have enough time in the day, then South Plains Implement can help. Make sure to schedule a service appointment with your nearest location’s experienced service department!