Harvest Season: That all-important time when you need to maximize productivity and efficiency. John Deere understands better than anyone that you need machines that empower you to harness the full potential of your farming operation. That’s why they created the X Series - powerful combines that are designed for real acreage, optimize throughput, and prioritize grain quality.


Unmatched Harvesting Capacity

John Deere’s X Series Combines offer an exceptional harvest capacity that is necessary for large operations like yours. With larger grain tank sizes, these combines can hold more, reducing the frequency of unloading and maximizing your time in the field. High-speed unloading further prioritizes efficiency, allowing a quick and seamless grain transfer to waiting trucks and/or storage facilities. Minimal downtime lets you cover more ground and harvest efficiently.

Enhanced Harvesting Speed

When time isn’t on your side, the X Series just makes sense. Powerful engines and optimized powertrain systems enable these machines to handle large fields with ease. Cutting edge technology, like the HarvestSmart™ system, automatically adjusts your settings for faster harvesting speeds that won’t sacrifice grain quality. We know time is tight, that’s why the X Series was designed for you.

Advanced Cleaning and Separation

Quality is just as important as efficiency; that’s why the XtraFast™ system prioritizes loss reduction as it cleans and separates the grain. An integrated sieve adjustment allows for precise control and adaptability to meet varying crop conditions and ensure consistent performance so you can maximize your returns.


Intelligent Automation

You do a lot, but no one can do it all. Automation is game-changing for high-volume farming and this is where the X Series really excels. These combines feature advanced automation technology options, like the Combine Advisor™ package, which uses AI algorithms to optimize your machine settings based on real-time crop conditions. The ActiveYield™ system accurately measures and monitors grain mass flow, allowing for on-the-go adjustments. These kinds of technological additions reduce the need for manual intervention, streamlining your operations and maximizing productivity.

Connectivity and Data Management

You have to make thousands of decisions throughout the harvest process. If you’re looking to harness the power of data to help you make better informed decisions, the X Series is an excellent partner. Integrated precision agriculture technology and the John Deere Operations Center provide you with valuable insights and analytics collected automatically as you go, while wireless data transfer allows you to share data between machines, so you can plan for the future with confidence.



As you can see, these purpose-built machines were designed for jobs just like yours. With the X Series harvesters’ unmatched capacity, enhanced speed, advanced cleaning and separation systems, and modern technology, you are literally driving the future. All of these features translate into higher productivity and throughput, giving you the greatest value for the time you have invested.

If you’re considering upgrading your equipment, come on down to your local SPI location and talk to us about how the X Series’ advanced systems could help you to achieve higher grain quality while reducing loss or how the AI and connectivity features could help you gather and manage data to help you make better decisions, plan for the future, and ultimately optimize your operation. We want to help you make your business run like a Deere.

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