Looking to improve productivity, efficiency and consistency with advanced baler automation, pickup options, and documentation for bale moisture, weight, and yield? Look no further than the John Deere line-up of 1 Series round balers.

Make near real-time informed decisions while baling to increase the consistency of each bale using John Deere’s exclusive Bale Doc with John Deere Operations Center. Analyzing the tonnage per acre from each field in Operations Center can potentially have a $14.50/acre increase in profitability**. This increase is resulted from improving your nutrient management and overall field performance.

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With the 1 Series baler, you can increase bales per day with the high-capacity pickup feature which includes a drop floor allowing you to clear plugs without having to leave the cab. You are also able to confidently push the limits in baling capacity with cam-clutch protection.

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The new G5e Display gives you complete control to virtually see and monitor your baler giving you the ability to:

  • Customize your run pages
  • Know how much net-wrap is remaining
  • See moisture and weight information on the display
  • Easily identify error messages to help you resolve issues
  • Bale more efficiently with 20% faster gate speed* and automatic gate cycling
  • Net-Lift Assist helps you load net-wrap with an integrated lifting device
  • Net Lighting illuminates underneath the net hood so you can easily load net-wrap day or night
  • Integrated Crop Preservation System with an ExactApply nozzle helps you determine the right amount of preservative to apply ensuring superior quality

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John Deere 1-Series balers come in a variety of models to meet your operation's needs. To find out which one is best for you, visit with your local South Plains Implement Sales Department or check out our available baler inventory below.